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As a boy Nigel was always interested in art and, although he didn’t work very hard while at school, there was always a good doodle or two on the outside of his exercise books. A day dreamer at heart, he drifted through school and ended up at art college, where all drifters end up, studying Technical Graphics. There he learned to use a pencil and a paintbrush from an experienced commercial artist. Leaving college fully equipped to take on the world he found a job drawing nuts and bolts. He worked in industry for many years with an artist who would often encourage him to take up painting seriously instead of always talking and thinking about it. Finally after 20 years of doing the wrong job he picked up a paint brush again only to find he had a gift that should have been used years before.

NIGEL WALLACE  Artist, Photographer, Illustrator and owner of White One Sugar

KAREN WALLACE  Photographer, Graphic Artist, Designer


As well as working with his camera for exhibitions and commissioned works, he also spends a lot of time out in all temperatures taking photos for his landscape series. His latest venture is creating art produced on a computer in the style of the old railway posters. This has become a bit of a family affair as his son and daughter have been involved in creating these pictures and his wife has said goodbye to her teaching career to pursue a new one in art; she calls herself the oily rag. There is a web site where the panoramic pictures are available as greetings cards. www.thecardshed.com

Karen is a bit of a creative all rounder, with qualifications in art and a degree in photography; she likes to try her hand at anything artistic. She designs posters and cards for White One Sugar whilst working on her own projects in photography, design and media.

Nigel Wallace and Bramble

His other styles of work can all be viewed online at:


Photography by Karen Wallace

She works closely with a few companies to improve advertising and marketing, lending her technical skill mixed with fresh and stylish ideas. Karen also teaches creative photography courses and workshops in the Faversham and Whitstable area; the courses are for adults and cover a range of subjects to get students to develop creative ideas and improve technical knowledge.


Photography by Karen Wallace

LAURENCE WHITELEY  Artist, Designer, Illustrator

Laurence has been a freelance illustrator and designer for over 30 years, working on projects as diverse as award winning poster campaigns for financial and beverage companies, to record sleeve designs for, George Michael's Wham!, Simon Cowells record company Fanfare (way back in the 80's). Also a myriad of book covers, magazine illustrations and work in advertising, packaging and web graphics and even a limited edition iphone sleeve design.

Born and bred in Sarf East London (Bromley to be precise), Laurence began working in publishing as the art assistant on Superbike and Custom Car magazines. After taking over as Art Editor on Superbike he soon moved on to freelance design and illustration and found agency representation as a full time illustrator.

Always influenced by the great poster artists of the 1920's and 30's, (Tom Purvis, Frank Newbould and many more) and Art Deco design, Laurence worked with an airbrush to create flat colour retro poster style illustration until the late 90's when digital work became the obvious next step, and Photoshop the medium of choice. Recent commercial projects include window displays for Austin Reed, a cover for 'The Big Issue', biscuit tins for Sainsburys and illustrations for The Guardian and Daily Mail.

Working with 'White One Sugar' has given him the chance to create pictures in a contemporary style that hark back to the old railway and travel posters of the golden age, something that has always been a passion for him.

When not in front of a computer, Laurence likes to play guitar with the bands he is involved in and pretend he is a rock star... which doesn't make you a bad person!

Karen’s brother Neil is the exact opposite. He has a brain for maths and loves sport. Up until his first try at drawing a poster for us, he didn’t seem to have an artistic bone in his body.

He worked with us for a while and joined us when he got engaged. His previous job had erratic hours which meant he didn’t get to see his fiancée (now his wife) very much. He decided he needed to look elsewhere and, when finding he did have a small artistic bone hidden away, he asked if he could join us full time.

At this present time, he is at university studying law, so his paintbrush is to one side!

STEPH MORRIS   Illustrator